We’ve built our business through trusted referrals and a solid reputation.
Our longtime and loyal clientele rely on us for all aspects of their technology infrastructure: networking, systems architecture, deployment, asset and license management, maintenance, troubleshooting, planning and budgeting, and leveraging new technologies.
Not to mention easy availability for day-to-day questions.
the path should be easy
Your success is our success. 

We want to be the invaluable partner to whom you love writing a check because we make your job easier.  
We want you to NEVER have a problem that we have to fix.
We want to you to be safe, and know that with any catastrophe, we have already planned and put in place a recovery to avoid suffering downtime or data loss.

We want to make technology disappear,
so you can be creative, efficient, and get your work done.
How fast is your network ? Where are the bottlenecks, the vulnerabilities ?
Are you getting the performance you want (need)? 
Have you made critical mistakes that leave you open to intruders and hacks ?
Network architecture is vital, but often something most small businesses take for granted.​​
Going cheap will never be less expensive. Period.  
If you think running down to your local electronics store and picking up the cheapest PC or laptop saves you money, let us tell you how it doesn’t. You will thank us later.
This is important. This is why you buy hardware and software. And we get it.
We understand graphics, print, design and other production based businesses. We know creatives… and color profiles and font issues and what is 29.97 drop-frame. These are things that you don't learn pursuing your MCSE.
There is no doubt that the world is moving to IP based telecommunications.
If you’re stuck with an old phone system, consider moving to a Voice Over IP system.
Talk to us about the advantages of VoIP and about how much money it can save you.
(And all the cool features !)
Your gateway to the internet !
It’s just not that simple anymore. Any internet connection can be a threat and requires more than just a simple router with the “firewall” turned on. 
WiFi is everywhere and everyone expects it to be flawlessly available full-time. But if you think just grabbing a consumer brand wifi router from your local office store will fulfill the promise, you will be sorely disappointed and most likely, severely at risk. And you wont be leveraging the real power and utility that a no-sh*t wifi network can offer.
byod  (mdm)
secure certificates
It's more than just a buzz word.
Managing personal devices on your company network, enforcing policies, and leveraging mobile devices for company business is what separates the old from the new and the past from the future. (and quite possibly the hacked from the not-hacked).
Let us talk to you about the way to do it and the many ways not to.
The right tool for the right job. The point of diminishing returns. The “default settings” versus a secure and optimum configuration.  What do you really need and what how can you get more for your money. “Do we really need a strategy to manage this stuff ?”

This is an area to which most small companies give very little thought. 

But that's why we're here.