stufff you dont know //​​​

I love technology. I really do. I’m really good at it. It encompasses my life.​​​​​

Part of the obsession is keeping up with new products and new ideas— not so much the “the latest trendy new toy thing”, but rather the developing technologies that makes those next-trendy-new-toy-things work. These are the technologies that could lead to the next shift in how we do things with those things, like how we work.

Over time, some stuff falls away, some stalls out and some explodes. Some of it becomes so much a part of our life, that we can't imagine it not existing. In fact, we lose sight of what it was like before it existed !

It's intriguing how much this stuff has changed US.

As we've invented new things to do and new ways to do those things, "tech" has grown from a very closed, controlled and specialized system, like in businesses (because that’s who could afford to leverage the capabilities), to this state of massively available, open culture where everyone casually carries personal devices that were impossible when I started this work.

Where these were once "business tools" and there was separate personal stuff (think pagers), the categories have now merged and coexist in all parts of your life. Products are now accessible and useful and easy. It’s no longer a complicated and tedious process to set up and utilize this stuff; it’s all tiny, slick and commonplace. A 6-year-old can grasp the basics and use it without a manual.
That is so cool !

In your daily personhood it’s impossible to imagine anyone not knowing how to operate an iPhone.
It's practically magic.

And it is so common, we hardly even notice the stuff that makes it all work.
Until it doesn't.
Or until it works against you.

Because it's not magic, it's technology.
The stuff I love!

Now, given all this; that all this stuff is embedded in your life, your work, your business... what could possibly go wrong?
And what could possible go right?

It’s my job to know, read, touch and figure it out, just as it erupts into reality.
It's my job to understand the details, the options, the boring stuff and the exciting possibilities; to leverage the really tweaky moving parts in your favor.
It's my job to know the not so obvious stuff, the stuff you don’t know.